Ayaan East take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a professionally managed Trading and General Contracting company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ayaan East was formed in 2010, with 100% Saudi National Ownership, under the C.R No.: 2050135909

Clients have chosen "Ayaan East" as their service provider to meet the growing demands in the Industrial Services & Trading.

As today's contracting & Trading activities continue to exceed traditional borders, Ayaan East provides our clients incomparable admittance to highly skilled specialists around the world.

Ayaan East Civil Construction and Industrial Trading services are designed to provide clients with a seamless solution to typical supply chain management issues. Choosing Ayaan East as you're support in project execution partner and we are certifying and confirming that it meets your requirements with international standards. You deserve the best and we provide the best with quality. Client satisfaction is our motivation to improve our service to the world with 100% quality and perfection.